As development of GUESTKING continues towards release in 2022/2023, we are even now proud to announce our choice to support and use #IOST as our transaction standard of choice.

Using #IOST, Internet of Services Token, GUESTKING will lead any guest experience into the future – making both IOST and GUESTKING a natural choice during any guest visit.

To support our vision and work with developing GUESTKING. Back our candidacy to host a #IOST Node with your possible #IOST Token Votes.

We know that #IOST will deliver. Every time. For all users & services of the future.

GUESTKING will do all we can in making #IOST the first choice to any transaction.

So get your #IOST tokens ready and use your voting power to support the GUESTKING Node Candidacy and help us lead the future for any guest to use #IOST during any visit to any location in the future.

Vote for the GUESTKING Node Candidacy in the running #IOST Node #Election that started mid-January 2019 and lasts until forever as #IOST leads us all towards the future.

GUESTKING will make it all possible using #IOST!